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2016 ALB World Series


August 11-16


Keeter Stadium

Shelby, North Carolina

Stars Division

Northeast: Cumberland, RI

Mid-Atlantic: Leesburg, VA

Mid-South: Texarkana, AR

Western: San Mateo, CA

Stripes Division

Southeast: Rowan County, NC

Great Lakes: Rockport, IN

Central Plains: Omaha, NE

Northwest: Kennewick, WA

Thursday, August 11

*Games to be broadcast on*

Game 1: Rockport, IN 6, Rowan County NC 3

Game 2: Omaha, NE 14, Kennewick, WA 5

Game 3: Cumberland, RI 9, Leesburg, VA 2

Friday, August 12

*Games to be broadcast on*

Game 4: San Mateo, CA 4, Texarkana, AR 2

Game 5: Rowan County, NC 5, Omaha, NE 2

Game 6: Rockport, IN 5, Kennewick, WA 3

Saturday, August 13

*Games to be broadcast on*

Game 7: San Mateo, CA 8, Leesburg, VA 0

Game 8: Texarkana, AR 8, Cumberland, RI 3

Game 9: Rockport, IN 8, Omaha, NE 3

Sunday, August 14

*Games to be broadcast on ESPNU*

Game 10: Rowan County, NC 12, Kennewick, WA 0

Game 11: Texarkana, AR 7, Leesburg, VA 5

Game 12: San Mateo, CA 5, Cumberland, RI 4

Monday, August 15

*Games to be broadcast live on ESPNU*

Game 13: San Mateo, CA vs. Rowan County, NC, 4pm

Game 14: Rockport, IN vs. Texarkana, AR, 7:30pm

Tuesday, August 16

*Game to be broadcast live on ESPNU*​

Game 15: Winner Game 13 vs. Winner Game 14, 7pm

2016 ALB World Series Champion:

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