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2016 Schedule Information and Help Needed

Posted by Legion Baseball on April 10, 2016 at 7:45 PM

It's getting warmer (just kidding, it's snowing...) and that means that legion baseball is right around the corner.  We're in the process of updating the site in preparation for the 2016 season but we need your help.  Please pass along all league and team schedules that you may have, we will work over the next month or so to combine the information we receive to provide overall schedules by region.

As we mention every year, providing an entire state's worth of information is a daunting task.  We're in need of volunteers to update schedule and result information.  It takes just a few seconds per day and would really help us out.  The more help we have, the more information you'll find on the site.  We simply don't have time to do it all ourselves.

If you have schedule information you can provide or you'd like more information on how to volunteer for the site, please contact us at [email protected].  Thanks!

Categories: General News, Site News, Schedules