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Blackhawk Drops Thriller to Brooklawn, NJ

Posted by Legion Baseball on August 4, 2011 at 3:50 PM

In a game that ended just moments ago, the Blackhawk Cougars, Pennsylvania's third place team, dropped a thrilling game to New Jersey state champion Brooklawn.  Blackhawk battled back from a four run deficit and was the beneficiary of several unearned runs after some shaky defensive plays by the Brookers.

Blackhawk trailed by two runs, 6-4, heading into the bottom of the ninth.  After the two leadoff runners got on and a wild pitch moved them up a base with nobody out, Brooklawn's pitcher got a strikeout.  Unfortunately for the the New Jersey champions, the pitch got away from the catcher.  A run scored and the hitter reached first base, again with nobody out.  After an intentional walk to load the bases, Brooklawn escaped the rally in the most heartbreaking fashion for the Cougars.  Blackhawk had a runner forced out at the plate and then had two batters strike out to end it.

Blackhawk will return to action in game 6 which is scheduled for approximately 12:30pm tomorrow.  They'll take on the loser of the Boyertown, PA vs. South Charleston, WV game tonight.  Check back for much more.

Categories: Region 6, General News, Results