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Lehigh Valley League Playoff Update

Posted by Adam on July 11, 2016 at 10:15 PM

The Lehigh Valley League will begin its playoffs Wednesday evening with four games. Top seeded Coplay-Fullerton will host Southern Lehigh. Southern Lehigh advanced to the playoffs with a play in game victory over the Carbon Monarches. Other games include Emmaus-South Parkland, Lower Macungie-North Parkland, and Northern Valley-West Allentown. The tournament champion will advance to the Region 2 Tournament at Quakertown.

Wednesday, July 6

Coplay-Fullerton 10, Southern Lehigh 0

South Parkland 6, Emmaus 5

North Parkland 2, Lower Macungie 1

Northern Valley 7, West Allentown 4

Thursday, July 7

Winner's Bracket

Northern Valley 6, Coplay-Fullerton 3

South Parkland 6, North Parkland 3

Loser's Bracket

West Allentown 12, Southern Lehigh 10

Lower Macungie 2, Emmaus 1

Friday, July 8

Winner's Bracket

South Parkland 7, Northern Valley 5

Loser's Bracket

Lower Macungie 12, Coplay-Fullerton 10

West Allentown 6, North Parkland 2

Saturday, July 9

West Allentown 8, Lower Macungie 7

Northern Valley 1, West Allentown 0

Sunday, July 10

Northern Valley 3, South Parkland 2

Monday, July 11

Northern Valley 4, South Parkland 3

Northern Valley wins the Lehigh Valley League Championship

Categories: Region 2