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Use of Our Site's Content

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention through various outlets that many of the original writings posted on the website have been reproduced in some form without permission. We would like to kindly remind you that ALL original reports, graphics, and posts written and designed by members of the site are intellectual property of the author and site owner.

All content on the website is protected under United States federal copyright law, with all of the rights described in those codes reserved to protect the original author. It is imperative that if you are interested in posting something you see here on another website that you receive permission from us before doing so.

We appreciate that many visitors have been impressed enough with our writings that they have asked to post links to the stories or post stories in their entirety on a website of their own with proper credit given. This is entirely fine, and we thank you for asking in advance of doing so.

However, many news outlets, both large and small, have taken information from the site verbatim without permission. Please understand that though we provide this information to our visitors free of charge in order to publicize the game we all love, we still need to protect ourselves and the integrity of this website and cannot allow others to profit off of, and claim our hard work, as their own.

All inquiries regarding copyrighted material and the use thereof should be directed to [email protected]

We answer all correspondences quickly and will gladly work with you if you are interested in using our information. Thank you for understanding.

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